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 Munro Law Firm
Personal Injury Lawyer, Auto Accident, Serious Injury Accident, Broken Bone, Slip and Fall Accident, Estate Litigation, Family Law, Custody Dispute, Appeals, Class Action Cases, will contests; beneficiary claims; the validity of wills (fraud, duress, undue influence, coercion, lack of capacity, proper will execution, testamentary intent);representation of trustees, executors administrators and personal representatives; breach of a fiduciary duty. Toronto, Ontario
 Janet Bomza & Associates - Immigration Lawyers
Toronto-based law firm specializes in Canadian and American immigration matters. Senior Partner Janet Bomza is a Law Society of Upper Canada Certified Specialist in Immigration. In addition, this firm has a multilingual staff and offers free online assessments. Toronto, Ontario
 Ottawa Divorce
Your source for divorce laws in Canada, Canadian family law, legal separation, child custody, Ontario child support, alimony, legal separation and more by an Ottawa lawyer. Ottawa, Ontario
 Marriage Contract Canada
Learn about Canadian prenuptial agreements, including why to get one, 6 costly myths about prenups, who needs one, what the law is and what should go in your premarital agreement. Ottawa, Ontario
 A1 Ontario Divorce
Prepares the documents or handles the entire process to obtain an uncontested divorce or to become legally separated in Ontario, Canada. Ottawa, Ontario
 Lawyer Montreal
Over 30 years of experience. Business law, construction law, real estate law, environmental law and litigation. Mr. O’Reilly generally charge an hourly rate of one hundred and fifty dollars (150$) for his professional services. The hourly rate and the remuneration method may vary depending on the nature and the scope of the services required. Montreal, Quebec
 Wrongful Dismissal & Employment Law Toronto
A highly recognized lawyer and author specializing in wrongful dismissal and employment law. As well, my practice also includes human rights, workers' compensation, post-employment competition, restraint of trade, labour law, sexual harassment, employment contracts and various related areas of employment law litigation. Toronto Ontario
 Avocat Sylvain Lamarche (broken link)
The objective of this web site is to inform those confronted with legal and juridical problems related to health law and labour law. This site addresses a large and varied audience including workers, employers, organizations, interveners who work in the health and labour sectors, and to those who simply surf the internet for information. In navigating through this site, we invite our guests to learn more about the law firm and the professional services offered by the law firm by consulting our profile, mission, practice, and coordinates pages. We will attempt to provide solutions adapted to the realities and specific needs of individuals to legal problems by periodically publishing bulletins covrering issues in both labour law and health law. Information chronicles concerning health issues and labour related issues are available on our chronicles page. These chronicles are available in text and in audio format. Guests may address their questions to us by filling out a form in the information page. Syvlain Lamarche, laywer, practices in the province of Quebec and specializes in labour law and health law (CSST, CLP, TAQ, SAAQ, CNT, insurance, dismissals, car accidents, dismissals, workman's compensation). Laval Quebec
 Gillespie Wray James LLP (broken link)
Toronto law firm with lawyers practicing in the areas of administrative law, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), civil and commerical litigation, environmental law, regulatory law, and labour and employment law, including pensions and employee benefits. Toronto Ontario
 Lang Michener LLP - Employment & Labour Law Group
Lang Michener LLP lawyers understand the complicated maze of rules and regulations that define the modern workplace. We regularly advise employees and advocate for their rights under federal and provincial employment law. Our proactive advice and dispute resolution skills resolve controversies involving wrongful dismissal and severance, pensions and benefits, taxation, workers\' compensation, occupational health and safety, and labour relations. With specialized knowledge and experience to assist clients on even the most complex matters, our lawyers work to ensure the proper legal entitlements in all cases. Toronto Ontario
 Petraroia Langford Rush LLP - Kelowna Corporate Law (broken link)
Petraroia Langford Rush is recognized as a leading business law firm for corporate and domestic international intellectual property law and specializing in patents trademark copyright law. Kelowna BC
 Andrew Feldstein & Associates
Toronto Area Family Lawyers provide family law legal services throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Divorce, separation, custody, access, spousal and child support and division of property. Toronto Ontario
 Go to Canada
Information about immigration Canada issues and Canada Visa. Canada employment and investment opportunities. Free online assessment and application forms. Immigration is not a holiday in an exotic country. Immigration is the step that changes your live. You have to start this procedure professionally in order to achieve success. That's why we are here. Our goal is to bring the maximum points for your immigration application, and as a result to receive the approval of the Immigration Canada. Go To Canada is a Canadian Immigration company registered in Montreal in accordance with the Canadian legislation .His director Mr. Asen Paskov supervises all departments and offices abroad. Immigration files are processed by Immigration attorney Me Jean-Francois Fiset, member of Quebec Bar Association.. Montreal Quebec
 Wray James LLP
Toronto law firm with lawyers practicing in the areas of administrative law, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), civil and commercial litigation, environmental law, regulatory law, and labour and employment law, including pensions and employee benefits. Toronto Ontario
 Fiancee and marriage visa services
Quality, efficient and affordable fiancee and immigrant spousal visa services. Global immigration consultancy firm that specializes exclusively in this area of immigration law. Toronto Ontario
 Canadian Immigration
Canada Visa
Information to facilitate the Canada immigration application process is supplied by Canadian immigration lawyer, David Cohen, and the law firm of Campbell Cohen. Aiming to speed up the Canadian immigration application process, Canadavisa features Canada immigration solutions and a free Job Search Tool. Also information about tourist visas. Montreal Quebec
 ALLEN Ryan: Business Lawyer in Montreal
Ryan Allen Lawyer
Ryan Allen, business lawyer based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, represents and advises businesses and individuals in a wide range of legal matters including commercial transactions and litigation. Montreal Quebec
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