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Last Updated : June 9th 2012, 10:02 AM


Now 18,000 Unique Human Visitors / Month

TryCanada was officially launched on August 15th 2005. TryCanada can't be held responsible for errors, inaccuracies or mistakes.

Robots/Spiders Visitors Tracked :

Googlebot (Google) - Inktomi Slurp (Yahoo!) - MSN Robot - WISENutbot (Looksmart) - larbin - Road Runner: The ImageScape Robot - Turn It In - MSIECrawler - Wget - psBot - Voila - Jeeves - Arachnoidea (Euroseek) - Fluffy the spider (SearchHippo) - Gigabot (Gigablast) - Gulper (Yuntis) - ZyBorg (Wisenut)

Human Visitors Tracked :

Monthly Traffic

Returning Visitors - Based purely on a cookie, if this person is returning to your website for another visit an hour or more later.

First Time Visitors - Based purely on a cookie, if this person has no cookie then this is considered their first time at your website.

Unique Visitor - Based purely on a cookie, this is the total of the returning visitors and first time visitors - all your visitors.

Page Load - The number of times your page has been visited.


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